Enlightened Jobs matches high-performers with life-friendly jobs.

It’s a balanced arrangement, where employers and employees both contribute:

Job Seekers: There’s much more to life than just work, but an unprofitable company can’t provide jobs for very long, so when you are working, be very productive with great results.

Employers: Unhappy, overworked, and stressed-out employees simply won’t stick around.* Everyone needs time and flexibility to enjoy their lives, which will result in better work performance.

Enlightened Jobs was formed in the wake of Bothsider, my failed tech startup for sharing succinct opinions on both sides of any issue (sports, politics, relationships, etc.).  It was fully built with a growing community, but the rate of growth and activity was too slow to justify further investment of time and money (it was bootstrapped by yours truly).

Another key problem with Bothsider was my inability to make it into a great experience on smaller mobile devices. The whole idea was succinct opinions on one side of an issue, right alongside opinions favoring the other side of the issue. The goal wasn’t necessarily to change peoples’ minds, but to make sure opinions were well thought out and informed by differing opinions.

At screen widths below about 600 pixels, there simply wasn’t room to have opinions side-by-side. We ended up with an approach where users could click a tab and shift to the other point of view, but that just wasn’t good enough.

And so, this business is rising out of those ashes.

We’ve tried to make it simple for job-seekers and employers to specify what’s most important to them.

For example, the first two questions we ask job seekers are:

1. What are your strongest (expert-level) skills, you really enjoy using?
2. What do you want to avoid or minimize in your next job?


Similarly, we ask employers:

What are the 2 or 3 most important (key) skills or capabilities needed on Day 1?

We emphasize that answers should entail only “non-negotiable, MUST have items (candidates missing any should not apply).”

It’s not our entire recipe, but clarity from both employers and job-seekers on these questions is bound to lead to great matches between high performers and life-friendly jobs.

We’re off to a great start, but we also know we’re a work in progress that will continue to improve over time.

When you’re ready, please consider posting or seeking an Enlightened Job.

Thank you for visiting.


Mark Gavagan, founder, father, husband and head janitor