The list below is shamelessly stolen from a terrific HBR article, which is filled with insight and detail (definitely worth reading).

  1. Don’t underestimate the importance of likability.
  2. Help them understand why you deserve what you’re requesting.
  3. Make it clear they can get you.
  4. Understand the person across the table.
  5. Understand their constraints.
  6. Be prepared for tough questions.
  7. Focus on the questioner’s intent, not on the question.
  8. Consider the whole deal.
  9. Negotiate multiple issues simultaneously, not serially.
  10. Don’t negotiate just to negotiate.
  11. Think through the timing of offers.
  12. Avoid, ignore, or downplay ultimatums of any kind.
  13. Remember, they’re not out to get you.
  14. Stay at the table.
  15. Maintain a sense of perspective.

Here’s a video discussing these ideas in more detail:

Click here to read all the detail and insight in the HBR article.