It doesn’t matter what kind of business a company is in, human capital really is the most important asset. ~Geoff Colvin

Geoff Colvin, knows a bit about the world of business.

He’s Fortune Magazine’s Senior Editor-at-large and the author of newly-published book, “Humans Are Underrated:What High Achievers Know That Brilliant Machines Never Will.”

Humans are Underrated book cover image

Geoff Colvin’s “Humans are Underrated”


(The fallen robot in the book cover image above speaks volumes)

In the video below, Colvin relates how energy company Exxon-Mobil is constrained by the lack of people who are capable of doing what the company needs to get done in order for projects to move forward. People are the scarce resource.

People sometimes think that human capital is the most valuable asset in service companies or technology companies, companies that don’t have a lot of physical assets. And that’s certainly true, but the really important point to understand is that today, human capital is the most important asset in every kind of company, no matter what industry it’s in.


Interested in more of Geoff Colvin’s insight?

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