Stephanie Vozza interviewed leaders from large and small businesses that have found a way to make four day workweeks work.

I’m no mathematician, but it sounds like that means a three-day weekend every weekend!

7 day week, minus 4 days of work, leaves blank-space day weekends

Vozza’s “How These Companies Have Made Four-Day Workweeks Feasible” in Fast Company reveals six things that need to happen on order to successfully implement four day workweeks:

  1. Invest in planning
  2. Overlap schedules
  3. Set rules
  4. Address role reality upfront
  5. Ask for flexibility
  6. Start small

Read the whole article to get the insight behind the six cryptic headings above.

While the benefits outweigh the issues, compressed workweeks can bring challenges

People interviewed in this article include leaders from Basecamp, Ryan, SchooLinks and KPMG.

Do you know of any companies that have four day workweeks? Please share them in the comments below.