What's an Enlightened job?

Check out the terrific book Remote from the founders of BaseCamp (formerly 37signals).

An enlightened job matches your skills & interests* with challenging opportunities, so you're happily engaged in work that fits you.

* including "life-friendly" elements, such as hours, location and culture.

You can change your life...

(and we can help)

Four Day Workweek

"It really came home when I had kids... No matter how much money I make ... I can't buy time."
~Ryan Carson, CEO of Treehouse

Work and family should reinforce each other

"Employees in flexible and effective workplaces are more engaged with their work."
~Anne-Marie Slaughter, CEO of New America Foundation, former U.S. State Dept Director

How Will You Measure Your Life?

"With every moment of your time, you're making a statement about what really matters to you."
~Clayton Christensen, Professor at Harvard

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