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We connect smart, hardworking technology people
with challenging, life-friendly jobs.

NOT a recruiting agency

sublime code screenshotImagine you're a smart, highly capable tech person.
You’ve paid your dues over the years, so your credentials are rock solid.
It’s easy to find another job and earn more money.

What’s hard is finding time for anything beyond work (and commuting).
Relationships, health & outside interests all suffer, but what can you do?

Well, a small number of companies have developed “life-friendly” cultures.
They attract great people by embracing ideas like flexible hours, remote work, and generous vacation time.
High-performing employees work hard and perform well, but also have lives outside of work.

Wouldn't it be GREAT if these companies, jobs & job seekers were all in one place?
Enlightened Jobs is that place! 

My name is Mark Gavagan. I served a four-and-a-half year sentence in corporate America, at a traditional Fortune 100 company, in downtown Manhattan. It wasn't for me.

Years later, when my wife was pregnant with our oldest daughter, we were struggling with what to do. I didn't want to be a full time stay-at-home parent and we didn't want to use child care, but our health insurance was through her employer. Even though we paid a ton for it, it was the most affordable option.

family photoThe solution we eventually came up with was to both work part time, with the one not working being the stay at home parent.
Ten years ago, this wasn't very common. In fact, we hadn't heard of anything like it before.
Thankfully, Kimberly was great at her job and so valuable to her employer that they agreed.

It wasn't always easy, but for the most part it was a terrific solution. Each of us had tons of time with our daughter, but also plenty of time away from her, in the adult world.
Not even Stephen King could describe some of the diapers I encountered, but the balance between work and parenting helped me immensely.

 "That's amazing" 
 "What a great idea" 
 "I wish we could do that" 

We had so many conversations with people who longed for more time and flexibity in their lives. Insightful books like Jason Fried's ReWorked and Tony Schwartz's Be Excellent at Anything, helped me see that we are in the early stages of a cultural shift.
More jobs will become life-friendly, because great performers will insist on it.
Just think how much more a company would have to pay a top performer to fight rush hour traffic for two hours a day, versus a competitor's offer to do the exact same job from the comfort of a home office?
Think ahead: What will your industry's best employees want in the future?

UPDATE: We are no longer actively operating.


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