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Be careful about mandating "years of experience" - this shrinks your pool of candidates and it's often a terrible way measure ability, especially in technology.

Also, most programming languages are similar and syntax is easily learned, so think broadly about who you're seeking.

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"Remote" means working from a location other than your (or a client's) office.

It might be from home, a co-working space, the library, or somewhere else in the world.

Other terms for this include "telecommuting" and "virtual"

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Helps candidates know commuting times - a key part of work-life balance. If the hiring company is confidential, it's okay to use an approximate address, a short distance away.

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"Flexible hours" enable people to vary the times they begin and end work.

For example, instead of 9am to 5pm, a person might work from noon until 8pm.

Flexible hours can make your opportuntiy much more attractive to candidates

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Think how much happier and more productive people would be if they could avoid stressful, time-wasting rush hour traffic.

Providing options to arrive and leave the worksite before or after rush hour (with or without additional work from home) can have HUGE benefits for everyone!

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A “typical” weekend doesn't include occasional emergencies, etc.

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